Please read the following before posting your music.

If you feel that you are experienced and comfortable with uploading images and media, go ahead and skip to the end, otherwise read through. If you need help, feel free to come back and look through!

To start, title your post with your song name! Whatever the name of your song is should go here so people know what they're listening to is called.

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The next step is to select your featured image. The featured image should be your album cover or a related piece of art or picture. To do this, click "Set featured image".

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Click the "Upload Files" tab in the top left then click Select Files. Navigate to the image you want and upload it.

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Once the image is uploaded, click the "Media Library" tab in the top left. Type the name of your image into the search bar in the top right. Once you have, it will appear in the field where you can select it.

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Once you have your featured image selected, it'll appear on the bottom right hand corner. The next step is to give your post some text. This should contain your band name, describe your music, perhaps you, maybe something interesting in general. Keep it short and interesting most of the time and keep in mind this is going straight to your fans.

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The next step is to upload your music. Go through the same steps you used to upload your featured image. This time you should select your music inside. It will appear inside the same field as your text. You can move it around and change the formatting as much as you like, even add more images in if you want to keep things interesting. It's all about presenting your style. You can post video too if you have one for your music, all the better! If you are successful, it'll look like this:

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The last step is to click publish to send your work out there to the world so others can see and comment on it.

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Once you've reached this stage, you're all done with the basics. From here you can change the format, upload your music and your art, tell your story and share it with the world! These examples are only the most simple form of a post. You can make it as elaborate as you want.

Enjoy and Listen!


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