Soundscope: Finding fans you didn't know you had.


SoundScope is developed by a musician, for musicians, as a way for garage artists, couch guitarists,

floor sitarists, and everyone in between to share their passion with like-minded people. Using social

media is crucial to sharing your work, and unfortunately, most sites make it hard for people to find

artists without knowing exactly what to search for.


With new content being made, remixed, and shared all of the time, SoundScope set out to make it easy.


So you do your thing- songify that viral video, sing that classical aria -share it with us, and let the site

do the rest. The community votes, and your magical unicorn of music just may end up being the next viral sensation.


If not, don't worry- read up on those comments, talk to your listeners, and try again. You'll get your break in no time.